The next hell on wheel is 100
1-99 at with 100-5 scripted

number list Jersy shore2
1. biggiest thing here Ronnie not the only one to blame for FFED realationship
2. Deena gets on my nerves "ON BLAST WHAT the heck does that mean? Also don't lust after pualie he's worst looking guy on the show
3. I wished they'd SHOW the fight they show on EVEREY PREVIEW
4 Speaking of previews next week Deena kisses a woman for shock value and then acts all ashamed that people know. Duh did you see the camrea? I HOPE the other girl is just playing too. it's not right to make the poor kid ashamed.
but maybe I worry too much CUZ all the "pissed off boyfriends on phone" sound the same

number list Jersy shore
1. Sammy and J-WOW GOt cheekbone implants. I dont think the show is well served by that they are suposed to be the hot chick in a dark bar not beatuful
2 That's your plot twist? Mike goinked Snoki? Big deal two people who like other a lot slept togather. it's really kind of sweet.
3. Ron and Sam ARE bland when not fight. If the show has any basis in real life anymore i'm glad for Ronnie the real person they broke up. RONNIE is like a lot of dudes I used to drink a big lunkhead with a bad temper who ya hope stops behaving like that before somebody smashes him with a bottle. But that's REAL life. As a tv show happy ron is boring.
4 the funniest thing was situation without make-up dude has leslie howard hair
ps you KNOW KARMA is a fake bar? I'm sure every male is glad to hear that. That's how they picked up women so easily. I know you all KNEW that right? Somteimes i'm not quick.

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new hell go here now

got my footrest yay
1. got my footrest back wendsay
2 On MONDAY I watched Dr Phil featuring a black lady that hates Hanicaped people so much she kicked her down syndomed cousin in the back and said "they all belong in homes" shush nobody bring up the fact that 50 years ago as a black female the only way you'd be on dr phil was if he needed a back up singer
3 THem the hanicapped guy they brought out to fight her WAS NOT REALLy handicaped So that's a bit like Ted danson in blackface vs the KKK
4 I SERIUSLY questioned if my life had value. Don'nt worry not in a susicdal way just a "what's the point
5 So talked to adraine and while she Did'nt come with a good point she cheered me up and said I should watch glee.
Glee is ok but I did'nt end up watching it all... I wrote a letter to dr Phil insted.
I have not heard back

rob review
Captin America 616
I bought this for the giest art in one story. Sadly there's more than story and bluntly I don't like any very much.
The main story deals current Capitan America (AND 60 year KGB Vet DON'T ask in a Russian prison (really don't care how he got there) fighting Ursa major...what is one of Russia's greatest doing in a Russian prison?
I CAN understand why people like stories like this but I don't. I LIKED this character better when he was Wolverine.
Punisher in the Blood 5 this is a neat trick a REALLY sad story where everyone has pretty good point
Punisher is right becuase jigsaw needs killing
Jigsaw's right because well Punisher is nuts. I mean he has thought two women in the last 15 days might be his dead wife AND HE KILLED THEM
Henrey gets to be right because he gives up all this and gets a normal day JOB.

new rule for geeks
If you EVER utter "I did'nt like the 09 Star Trek movie because it was just "entertainment" I will still respect you but you no longer get to gas on about dr who or Harry Potter.

1. MARVEL IS doing a ghost-rider comic named "Hell on wheels"
3. SO TODAY I'M listing all the OTHER PEOPLE'S charcters I Have used or would like to in my strip Hell on wheels
Have used (in order)
1A Batman robin (sort of)there's clearly A batman Comic in the Hell on Wheels univese but a REAL Batman in the universe shaped by Dave's mind Apple BUtter lad is Dick Grayson
2a Green hornet/lantren I MEANT green hornet but poor Jason wrote green Lantren. so I'M ruling GH existed some time in Earth-how's past whereas SOME kinda green LANTREN EXISTS somewhere
5A Doctor Doom and REED rICHARDS(EARTH marvel heroes are their real ages
6a Black PAnther superman, dr stange Cable and dOCTOR VOODOO (EARTH superheroes are unhappy corprate shills)
characters I have scripts wriiten for terror inc.

jersey shore and strange pardise
1. Lately i've been watching the 1969-70 soap oprea Stange paridise picture Dark shadows with a smaller cast of compleate dicks intead of fairly well meaning people who just screw up REALLY BAD
2 IT struck me that a 41 year old soap with a cast smaller than JS that spends a great deal of time talking about "voodoo"gives characters more real motives than JS.
3 I speak of course the "wait WHAT?! ending of this week's show. Now I know it' carefully edited and we HAVe no idea of how much time has REALLY PASTED BUT to the viewer it's beeen a week and maybe less Because the toilet has been clogged for two shows now and that CAN'T MEAN two week. Sami coming back less than a week after her boyfriend broke EVREY SINGLE THING she owned SCREEMS TV
4. for that matter a rich good-looking 27 year old who clubs every night but pines for his one true love is pretty darn tv too

pre-hype again
Pre-hype (really short and Rant)
All im buying is the Plastic MAN green Lantren one shot by Marv Wolfman looks fun.
Deadpool max tempted me because of Kyle Baker art. But last issue was truly vile and THAT had normal spies I don’t even want TO THINK ABOUT Barron zemo in this universe


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